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Aircraft Management
Security - All pages use HTTPS ensuring all data is encrypted, all sensitive information stored in the database is in an encrypted format rendering it useless to any potential hackers.

Management - Our software manages aircraft bookings for any number of pilots, 1 or more instructors and 1 or more planes. Aircraft bookings can be viewed as a grid or schedule and can be filtered for one or all aircraft. The software also includes a world-wide airport database with runways, lengths, surface type and lighting along with relevant frequencies used.

Customization - Display can be customized to include corporate details, custom background, external mail servers, booking types and other individual requirements.

Access - Control the access level different users/pilots can have.
Other Features

Simple To Use

Login, Select the Aircraft, Make the Booking. Booking is confirmed or denied because of overlap immediately.

Easy to Maintain

Add/Edit Pilots and Aircraft as required, set minimum periods between bookings as well as a maximum time periods.


Export a report in all the common formats, reports can be for one or all aircraft and for any period.


Send an email quickly to all pilots or just to those within a specific group all from within the site.


Customize the front end with your own background, all corporate information is available on all screens.

Booking Options

Booking Options can be changed to suit the individual requirements of the organization.

Free Trial Period

For Business and Professional Plans, try an obligation free trial, no credit card required.

Basic Version

The Basic version will always be free, ideal for the small syndicate that share a single aircraft.

Premium Support

All support calls will be responded to within 24 Hours.